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The world's mostsustainable capital lease.

AAM is a Structured Finance and Asset Management Business

Operating throughout USA and the UK, AAM Managers have fulfilled and delivered over $1B of funding from unique, bespoke & innovative finance.

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We simply offer more....

Since the 1980's we've provided and delivered creative, financial solutions for banks, law enforcement agencies, corporate and leading industrial clients. We're also very well known within the industry, for the financing of cash-in-transit vehicles.

We're also the only asset management company worldwide to be able to provide an indemnity to their clients for smart safe cash in transit, through to its final banking destination.

We're a little bit different.

we're flexible enough to move our transactions quickly when our clients need it.

The wealth of experience that AAM can call upon and deliver though its own heritage is unrivalled within the financing market

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"We really should have gone to them first"

Infinidat is an IT storage manufacturer, proving highly disruptive to existing manufacturers such as EMC (owned by Dell) and valued at $1.2bn USD.

“When we needed a finance business that could provide operating leasing and creative, innovative structured financing to help us sell our systems we found the perfect partner in AAM Capital.
Our only mistake? We really should have gone to them first. Make sure you do!”

Paul Liggett, H/O Sales at Infinidat EMEA.

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2019 We're proud to launch the worlds first, but more importantly, the most sustainable, uncapped capital asset lease in the world.

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We pride ourselves on the close and durable relationships we forge with our clients.

- Chris Smith / CEO

Understanding the nature of your industry, business practices and activities is core to our central strategy. Our focus on customer service, together with the opportunities through our Banking Partners enables us to deliver the correct products and services to you, where many institutional finance companies fail. Over the past years AAM have applied its experience to ground breaking financial solutions, expanding into new areas including waste management, aviation and manufacturing finance.

How your Finance is raised

At AAM we operate with a panel of well known and reliable European and North American banks that provide us with a consistent stream of primary term debt. This enables us to fund transactions, on a variety of lease terms, with our clients. We enter into transactions directly with end-users either using our own documentation or with a bank supplied finance contract. If we use our own documentation, we may subsequently sell the signed contract on a receivables basis to the bank that offers us the best commercial terms at that time, or we can choose to retain it within our own portfolio.

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